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What is GDB?

The World's only Trading Platform where you can BUY Gold and Silver at 1% Discount Below spot price.The only Precious Metals Dealer where you can buy and sell at SPOT PRICES in Realtime.

Gold Discount Brokers is the easiest way to purchase physical gold and silver online. We offer you the ability to purchase Gold and Silver at real time spot prices. We partner with precious metal mines world-wide. No middle men. No Gimmicks , No Premiums and Wide margins. Just Realtime physical metal trading at 1% Discount below spot and spot prices on purchases. Take delivery of your gold , silver and or platinum or hold them in your account at absolutely Zero Vault Charges.

Why Open an Account with Gold Discount Brokers?

Gold Discount Brokers has been in the precious metals business since 2011. We are direct dealers in precious metals. We are in the Mining Industry , we own and operate with mining companies. We partner with mines worldwide which allows us to offer to you a direct benefit removing the markups by precious metal refineries and middlemen such as precious metal brokers and agents.

Gold Discount Brokers is the smartest and safest way to own precious metals. Buy, sell, store, or take delivery of physical precious metals. Significantly cheaper than anyone else in the World.


All client assets are segregated, 24hr access to your account online. Trade your metals in Realtime from any place in the world. Quick and fast settlements worldwide in multiple currencies.


Precious metals are redeemable in raw ingots cuttings , bars , and or melting's. You're buying gold in its natural state directly from mines. We will ship you physical gold with an Independent quality audit and lab report of your gold. Only Gold Discount Brokers provides this service.


Gold and precious metal refineries and bullion dealers will never tell you that when you buy refined gold bars , coins and other precious metal refined products you are essentially on average throwing away 10 percent of your money on artificial margins. You're paying a premium to them that will go directly in their pocket leaving you with a instant loss of at least 10 percent or more. On the other hand when you want to sell your precious metal back to them they will buy your precious metal at a few percentage points below the spot rate effectively taking money out of your pocket again. It's a never ending cycle of paying the middleman.

However with Gold Discount Brokers we don't sell our gold at wide margins, Bids and Offers and huge spreads off or above the Spot Rate. We sell gold and Silver at 1% Discount below Official Realtime spot rates. Giving you an advantage and a real market price on every purchase. Compare Our Prices with any seller worldwide you will not be disappointed. When you sell Gold with us , you're only paying a small 2.5% administration fee.

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Main Office:

801 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite 1062 Miami, Florida 33131 USA.

Vault / Assay Office:

Calle Nicolas Urena de Mendoza #3, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.